In part one of this episode, we talk to PhD researcher Miranda Lucas about her study of human behaviour in art galleries. Miranda uses the psychological theory of ‘affordances’ to help explain surprising and not-so-surprising observations of people interacting in gallery spaces. In part two, we will be talking to another PhD researcher Maria Madacky.

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Show Notes

Featured in this episode:

Miranda Lucas
PhD researcher investigating human behaviour in Canadian art galleries.

Referenced in this episode:

Eshkol-Wachman movement notation

The system used by Miranda Lucas in her art gallery studies was was created by dance theorist Noa Eshkol and Avraham Wachman, a professor of architecture.

Floor Burger (1962) by Claes Oldenburg

Floor Burger presents many suggested actions that are not actually permitted to be taken.

Images of gallery doors

During her studies at Canadian art galleries, Miranda Lucas noticed a pattern of behaviour with people being unsure if they are permitted to enter various spaces, including the gallery itself.

The Artist is Present by Marina Abramović

Image: Marina Abramović at The Artist is Present performance at The Museum of Modern Art, 2010. Image source: Rebecca Taylor

From South Africa to the Gallery

For her master’s, Miranda studied the postural threat displays of male vervet monkeys. She is now extending this work through her PhD by using the same observational techniques to understand human behaviour in Canadian art galleries.