Jon Oxley

(Gallery Staff)


Jon Oxley’s work involves navigating the edges of event horizons. Many of his projects explore the possibility of enhancing outcome likelihoods at the intersection(s) of artist’s, researcher’s and curator’s space-time positioning. His more recent work focuses on a personal fascination with Western Society’s capacity to complexify things that are needlessly simple. This work builds on a 5 year hiatus in the private sector between 2008 and 2013, in which he explored the countless ways that corporate culture has found to pass near boiling water over coffee grounds to produce something which the marketing department can describe as “new”. Needless to say, the theoretical foundations of Oxley’s work are built solidly on Douglas Adam’s thesis that “Reality is frequently inaccurate”.  Oxley has a long resume of working and volunteering with, for and around arts groups, galleries, social and political agencies – none of it as ‘community service time’.